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About Us

The "You shall be healthy" organization was founded by medic and medical clown Sarhan Mahamid in 2007. The organization has set itself the goal of working to raise awareness among a variety of population groups and especially young people and adolescents about hygiene and health habits.


The organization works and promotes projects to raise awareness on health issues. Such as organizing lectures for public and schools regarding personal hygiene, and dealing with winter illnesses, resuscitation courses by professionals from the various rescue organizations, medical clowning courses, and helps sick children in the various hospitals.


The organization is currently working to establish a group of volunteers, with the aim of:


1. Mediation and contact between families of patients and medical staff.


2. Operating a "wish fulfillment" ambulance.


Here are the most prominent activities of the organization in brief:


#Training medical teams with tools of medical clowning in China.


#Training medical clown group in #Gaza via #Skype.


# Organizing a trip from the dreams of children with cancer to the Netherlands.


# Organizing a reputable tourism trip to Istanbul for recipients of dialysis treatments.


# Organization of medical clowning courses and workshops for school students in Arab society.


# Vaccination project / medical training to help and assist the nursing staff in schools.


# Organizing workshops to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle!


# Activities in schools to improve self-confidence and acceptance of the other!


# Organizing activities to promote hygiene.


# Publication of a children's book on medical clowning in Arabic.


For donations by bank transfer, here are the details:


Name of the organization / account - You shall be healthy - Haifa (AR)


Organization number - 580467843


Account number - 203285


Bank Hapoalim


Bank No. 12


Haifa Main Branch 700